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Dialysis Catheter insertion/Tunneled

Understanding Dialysis Catheter Insertion

Understanding Dialysis Catheter Insertion

Dialysis catheter insertion is a medical procedure in which a plastic tube is inserted into a large vein in the neck, chest, or groin to provide temporary access for hemodialysis. Hemodialysis is a treatment used to remove waste and excess fluid from the blood in people with kidney failure.

The procedure is usually performed by a kidney specialist (nephrologist) or a surgeon. Before the procedure, the patient will receive a local anesthetic to numb the area where the catheter will be inserted. In some cases, the patient may be given sedation or general anesthesia to help them relax.

During the procedure, the doctor will use ultrasound or X-ray imaging to guide the catheter into the desired vein. Once the catheter is in place, it will be secured with sutures and covered with a sterile dressing.

After the procedure, the patient will be monitored for any signs of bleeding or infection. The catheter will need to be flushed with a special solution regularly to prevent blood clots from forming.

Complications from dialysis catheter insertion can include bleeding, infection, and damage to nearby blood vessels or organs. Patients should contact their doctor immediately if they experience fever, redness, or swelling at the insertion site, or any other signs of infection.

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